FFXII The Zodiac Age

Side Quests

Sky Pirate's Den Unlockable Figurines

Note: In The Zodiac Age these are PS4 trophies instead.

Character Title Acheivement
Ashe Exempler Raised the party's average level above 50
Ba'Gamnan Scrivener Completed the Bestiary
Balthier Assault Striker Attacked over 300 times
Basch Blood Dancer Defeated more then 500 foes
Behemoth King Lord of the Kings Defeated the Behemoth King
Belias High Summoner Obtained 13 Espers
Carrot Freshmaker Defeated Carrot
Chocobo Waytarer Took over 50,000 steps
Crystal Runeweaver Learned every Magick
Deathgaze Eagle eye Defeated Deathgaze
Fafnir Wyrnslayer Defeated Fanir
Fran Speelbringer Cast Magicks over 200 times
Gabranth Mist Walker Performed every Concurrence
Gilgamesh Master Swordsman Defeated Glgamesh twice
Gurdy Spendthrift Spent more than 1,000,000 gil
Hell Wyrm Radiant Savior Defeated Hell Wyrm
Migelo Piravteer Sold over 1,000 pieces of loot
Mimic Collector Obtained rare goods on the bazaar
Montblanc The Unrelenting Completed a 50-chain in battle
Old Dalan Cartographer Fully explored every map
Penelo Pluntderer Aquired over 100,000 gil
Rasler Conqueror Learned every License
Reks Record Breaker Obtained over 500,000 Clan Points
Trickstar Sharpshooter Defeated Trickstar
Ultima Fell Angel Defeated Ultima
Vaan Master Thief Stole successfully over 50 times
Vayne Premier Prestidigitator Used Technicks over 100 times
Vossler Jack-of-All-Trades Learned every Technick
Yiazmat Hunter Extraordinaire Defeated Yiazmat
Zodiark Zodiac Knight Defeated Zodiark

Seven Sisters Airship Quest

- Go to any aerodrome and board a ship by leisure option (I began from Nalbina to Rabanastre). Once aboard, go to [Sky Saloon] and talk to Chief Steward. Choose "Who's this...Rande?" to get some scoop and obtain Ann's Letter KI. One down, six to go.
- Here are the possible 7 routes you can take, equaling 7 sisters - you must talk to Chief Steward on each of these flights and choose to show her the letter. They go in order Ann, Liddy, Twarra, Carryl, Sanne, Lyseth, Cisset. Once 7th sister is located, you get Ring of Renewal.

Nalbina to Rabanastre
Balfonheim to Archades
Balfonheim to Nalbina
Bhujerba to Balfonheim
Bhujerba to Rabanastre
Archades to Nalbina
Archades to Rabanastre

Dantro's Wife & her patient

Quest * Type: Optional * Needed before: n/a * Location: Dalmasca Estersand * Reward: Key to Barheim, which will allow you to obtain the Esper Zalera * Quest: You need to search and retrieve various items for Dantro's wife who is caring for a sick traveler. Dantro's wife will give you a reward and the sick travler will give you the key to an unaccessible part of Barheim. To do Flowering Cactus Hunt After completing the hunt go back to the petitioner (Dantro) who will ask you to deliver the flower to his wife at the Nebra river Village Great Serpent Skin If you have it to give to Dantro's wife your reward will be much better Dantro's Wife She can be found at the middle of the village standing by the door of her hut. She will ask you for several ingredients to be fetched around the village, including some across the river. She will reward you for all your trouble Trouble on the North Bank You will need to cross the river and pacify the rebelling cactuars Barheim Entrance Go to the locked entrance after completing the quest and you will find the person who has the key. She will give you the key as thanks for procuring all her medicines. Zalera Move a cart west of the entrance to get to the chamber he is at. You will have 5 minutes to beat him or he will make you start all over again.

3 Medallions

This quest is the Chaos Esper quest. Please click here to see the full details and how to do the quest.


To do

Nabreus Deadlands

Talk to the Nu mou to learn of the medallions

Old Archades

Buy the old medallion from an NPC


Chase 3 pieces of the last medallion

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